How do I know that the uterus is modified


How do I know that the uterus is modified after its reversal is one of the things that concern many women who have experienced a reversal of the uterus, and the strange thing is that this is because this problem has become frequent, so it was necessary to clarify several signs and symptoms indicating its reversal, as well as the signs of its return to normal, and through The reference site will shed light on this matter, and will answer several questions that may concern the mind about it? 

How do I know that the uterus is modified
How do I know that the uterus is modified

How do I know that the uterus is modified

There is a set of experiences that clearly answer the question of how do I know that the uterus is modified, which we have mentioned reassuring the souls, and among these experiences are the following:

The first experiment

The owner of that experience says that she was living a normal life to a large extent and did not feel any symptoms of uterine tilt, but when she planned pregnancy and it did not happen, with her keenness to take all the reasons and investigate the days of ovulation, she decided to visit the doctor to identify the basis of this problem, How do I know that the uterus is modified and the doctor told her that the main reason was a reversal She had her uterus, and then began treatment by doing some exercises and doing some medical procedures, and after a period of treatment, pregnancy occurred, after the uterus returned to its normal position.

Second experience

The owner of this experience says that she suffered from some problems and showed some symptoms, but she did not know the main reason for this matter, and after she went to the doctor and he examined her through the hysteroscope, it was found that there was a tilt in the uterus, the doctor put a specific plan for her treatment and she actually started to Work with it until the uterus is adjusted and returned to its correct position.

How do I know that the uterus is modified?

When the uterus undergoes reversal, this puts the woman in a big problem, as she is often not able to conceive naturally, which makes her wait until the uterus straightens and is sure of its health. There are several ways to help in this matter, including the following:

Hysteroscopic surgery

It is also called a hysteroscope, where a thin tube is inserted from the vagina until it reaches the uterus so that the uterus shows whether it is bent or inverted, How do I know that the uterus is modified this process may be used in the case of fibroids, and it is important to know that it is a simple process that does not cause much pain Also, it doesn’t take long.

Undergoing x-rays

These x-rays are done on the pelvic area to visualize the pelvis completely, and this helps greatly in showing the external shape of the uterus, whether it is inverted or moderate, and it is one of the methods that has spread in the treatment of this problem, and it has proven very effective.

Cervical smear work

Where, through this procedure, cells from the cervix are collected and analyzed in the laboratories, some results appear and indicate that the uterus is moderate and its condition is normal, and if the results are the opposite, this is an indication that it is still inverted, and therefore the doctor takes some firm steps in the way of treatment according to the situation in question.

Undergoing an ultrasound

These x-rays may be carried out in the vagina from the inside, where the doctor uses a stick-like instrument and inserts it into the vagina to photograph the uterus and identify its position, or it may be done from the outside where the uterus is photographed bypassing the device over the woman’s abdomen and thus accurately identifying its condition.

Symptoms of uterine tilt

A woman often wonders how do I know that the uterus is adjusting, especially if she shows symptoms that indicate a tilted uterus, and these symptoms are as follows:

  1. Irregular menstruation:  This case is among the cases that indicate a problem inside the uterus, which calls for a visit to the doctor immediately, How do I know that the uterus is modified especially if the menstrual cycle remains irregular for more than 3 consecutive months.
  2. Feeling of discomfort during intercourse: The presence of the uterus in an abnormal state makes a woman feel uncomfortable during intercourse, especially in some special situations.
  3. Difficulties in getting pregnant:  The condition of the uterus is related to the occurrence of pregnancy. If the uterus is in an abnormal condition, it becomes difficult for the pregnancy to occur naturally, even if medical intervention occurs. The only treatment, in this case, is to return the uterus to its normal place.
  4. Lack of control over urination:  When the uterus is tilted, it noticeably affects the bladder, since it is the closest organ to the uterus. The woman cannot control urination, and this appears in the occurrence of urine drip, and when a woman can control the urine, this indicates that the uterus has adjusted and returned to its normal place.
  5. Feeling of lower back cramping during menstruation:  It is worth noting that the menstrual period is one of the most frequent periods in which a woman experiences cramps. noon.

Important questions about uterine tilt?

Some questions may be frequently repeated among women about uterine tilt, and whether it may affect a woman’s psychological or physical health or not, including:

Is the tilt of the uterus appearing sonar?

It can be said that yes, the tilt of the uterus appears with the ultrasound, according to what was proven by the experiments. Some women who underwent such an experiment stated that they knew that their uterus was inverted after the doctor examined it through the ultrasound, How do I know that the uterus is modified and then began the treatment phase by relying on some exercise that helped put the uterus back in its normal position.

Is the tilt of the uterus cause pain?

Of course yes, the presence of something abnormal inside the body causes some pain, and among the painful symptoms that appear on women when the uterus tilts are the following:

  • Feeling of severe pain near the stomach or in the anal area.
  • Feeling some pain in the lower back and in the vagina, especially during the menstrual cycle.
  • Urinary tract infections in women, resulting in permanent pain.
  • The appearance of some bumps in the lower abdomen.

Things that lead to inversion of the uterus

There are several things or reasons that lead to the inversion of the uterus, and women need to be aware of these reasons to try to avoid them as much as possible, among these reasons are the following:

  • Exposure to weak pelvic muscles: This happens because a woman has reached menopause or is repeatedly exposed to pregnancy, as this leads to weakness in uterine tissues and causes it to turn.
  • Infection of the uterus: The cause of this inflation may be the presence of uterine fibrosis, a tumor, or the occurrence of pregnancy, all of these things lead to the tilt of the uterus.
  •  Genetic factors: They play a role in the incidence of some diseases, including the problem of uterine inversion. Most of the cases exposed to this matter are the main caused by genetic factors.
  • Exposure to surgery or uterine scars: These problems result in the accumulation of some tissues inside the uterus, which results in great pressure on the uterus and its turning.
  • Suffering from the migratory endometrium or the presence of fibers on the uterus: resulting in exposure to uterine tilt.
  • Inflammation of the uterus and delay in treatment: this results in the accumulation of tissues in large quantities inside the uterus, and then its inversion.

Uterine tilt treatment

There are a set of habits that a woman must do for the uterus to return to its normal place, and these habits are often recommended by most doctors, and they are as follows:

  • The use of a bag made of plastic or silicone contributes to the adjustment of the uterus again.
  • In some cases, surgical intervention is the solution and this is based on the doctor’s instructions.
  • Doing some exercises that help return the uterus to its normal position easily and very quickly.

Exercises for the treatment of tendinitis

There are a set of exercises that help in adjusting the uterus and returning it to its normal place again, How do I know that the uterus is modified and among these exercises are the following:

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises help to strengthen the muscles in the pelvis and solve many problems that a person is exposed to, such as the problem of urinary incontinence, in addition to their effective role in returning the uterus to its place again. It is also one of the exercises that can be done anywhere and at any time and gives very effective results.

Pelvic relaxation and contraction exercises

This exercise helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles, and this exercise is done by lying on the ground and placing the arms on both sides of the body and then taking a deep breath and raising the buttocks up a small distance, you should hold in this position for a few seconds and then repeat the process at a rate of 5 or more times to get results faster.

Knee chest exercise

In this exercise, lying on the back and bending the knees on the ground and then directing one knee to the chest and holding it with the hands and withstand this position for a period ranging from 15 to 20 seconds, and then this leg is individualized on the ground and raises the other leg to repeat the above, switching between Legs at a rate of four or more times, this position greatly helps in returning the uterus to its correct position.

Thus, How do I know that the uterus is modified the question has been answered: How do I know that the uterus is modified, identify the symptoms of uterine tilt and the things that may lead to uterine inversion, and answer some important questions regarding this matter, in addition to knowing exercises that help treat uterine tilt and some experiences of several women who They went through that problem.

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