How many vertebrae does the spine have


How many vertebrae does the spine have? Vertebrates are distinguished by the presence of a backbone in their body, which has many functions, including supporting the body and enhancing movement and standing.

It consists of a series of vertebrae, including cartilages that prevent friction and erosion. Through the reference site, we will talk about the spine, the number of its vertebrae, and its divisions, in addition to To the spine’s function, the most important tips to maintain it.

How many vertebrae does the spine have
How many vertebrae does the spine have


The vertebral column is defined as the bony vertebrae connected to each other in the back of living organisms, How many vertebrae does the spine have and the spine is not present in all living organisms but is specific to vertebrates only.

How many vertebrae does the spine have?

The human spine consists of several vertebrae, numbering 33 vertebrae, and these vertebrae are connected to each other by ligaments and interstitial discs that contribute to absorbing any vertical shocks and also help in the movement of the spine. Males 71 cm, and females 61 cm.

Spine Sections

The vertebrae of the spine are divided into five sections, which are as follows:

  1. Neck region: This region consists of seven vertebrae referred to by the letter C, and these vertebrae are where the head meets the neck.
  2. The chest area: It contains twelve vertebrae, referred to by the letter T. The thoracic vertebrae are located in the chest area.
  3. How many vertebrae does the spine have The thoracic vertebrae are important in carrying the upper body weight, and they are responsible for the movement and protection of the spinal cord, as it is located behind it.
  4. Lumbar region: This region consists of five vertebrae, the largest of the spine, located below the chest area and above the pelvic bone, which is responsible for carrying the largest amount of weight in the upper body.
  5. The sacral region: This region also consists of five vertebrae that are attached to each other but are separate in the child, How many vertebrae does the spine have and they are located in the lower back,
  6. Coccyx region: The coccyx region consists of four vertebrae from the number of vertebrae of the spine, located directly below the spinal canal.

Spinal vertebrae functions

The spine has many functions, the most important of which are the following:

  1. Forms a pillar of the body and outward appearance.
  2. Promotes proper posture and movement in humans.
  3. Protect and preserve the spinal cord.
  4. The spine carries most of the body’s mass.

What happens to the spine with age?

We have learned that ligaments and discs are separating the vertebrae of the column, and it consists of outer rings that resemble fibers, and its center is made of viscous gel-like gelatin, How many vertebrae does the spine have but as a person ages, the percentage of viscosity in the center of these discs decreases, and thus hinders their ability to protect and perform their natural functions. , which leads to bulges in the bones.

Tips for maintaining a healthy spine

There are some tips to maintain the health of the spine, How many vertebrae does the spine have the most important of which are the following:

  1. Exercising: Sports help to increase muscle strength, as these muscles contribute to relieving the load and pressure on the back and reducing its pain.
  2. Stretching: It reduces direct tension on the muscles and thus contributes to maintaining the comfort of the back and spine.
  3. Avoid sitting in the wrong position: Sitting in the wrong position may negatively affect the spine, so you should sit straight to achieve comfort for the spine and avoid bending.
  4. Walking: Walking is one of the most important comfortable sports that benefit the health of the body and obtain an ideal weight.
  5. Adopting a healthy lifestyle: The majority of bad habits, such as carrying very heavy weights without assistance or using a modern, comfortable way to carry them, hurt the spine and put great pressure on it.
  6. Sleep well: It is very important to sleep well, to reduce stress on the spine, and it is also recommended to tilt the knees when sleeping with a pillow between them, as this reduces pressure.
  7. Weight control: As obesity puts a great deal of weight on the spine, and thus causes its curvature, so it is very important to monitor weight.
  8. Stop smoking: Smoking increases blood flow to the discs between the vertebrae, thus damaging them, as it prevents calcium absorption, which increases the incidence of osteoporosis.

How many vertebrae does the spine have and here we have come to the end of our article after we answered the question, How many vertebrae are there? Where we learned about the spine and its functions, as well as some tips to maintain the spine.

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