Learn German on WhatsApp


Learn German on WhatsApp, You can also download the Mondly App and choose to learn a language from 33 languages.

Learn German on WhatsApp

The Whatsgerman app introduces a new concept for learning the German language. As is well known the provision of educational lessons depends on videos or audio clips.

But through WhatsApp, you will find many daily lessons sent on WhatsApp for free and continuously.k The WhatsApp app is dependent on millions of users from all over the world. Because it is considered one of the most popular and free apps that download on all smartphone systems from Android and iPhone.

Therefore, you can rely on this application to learn the German language at any time (home & work & transportation & parks, and clubs). Because you will always keep the lessons in your WhatsApp version. And when you want to stop signing up and stop sending tutorials, you can easily stop them.

Learn German on WhatsApp
Learn German on WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp

First, enter WhatsApp.

Second: Add one of the numbers in the link to your WhatsApp.

Third: Send the word Start to a number.

Fourth: Your message will be replied to within 24 hours.

Fifth: You will find an array of educational lessons that are sent to you on a daily basis.

The difference between the Whats App

is that it is free and does not display ads. Learn German on WhatsApp because the purpose of the application is free assistance to refugees to help them find job opportunities and enroll in schools and universities. Questions about WhatsApp Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free and can be used via WhatsApp.

Does WhatsApp support activation on Android and iPhone?

Yes, it supports all smartphone systems.

Are ads being displayed or is the app designed to generate revenue? The app is completely free and does not display advertisements.

Is it possible to unsubscribe from Watergerman?

Yes, the subscription can be.

Ways for beginners to learn German

Ways for beginners to learn German an example of using semantic chaining: Let the German word be “das Wetter” (weather).

The following words are associated with this word: der Winter, der Frühling, der Herbst, der Sommer.

For each word we select our own associative matrix: der Winter – die Weihnachten, die Schnee, das Eis, kalt, etc.

Also, for memorization to be effective, Learn German on WhatsApp you can build the simplest sentences: It’s ist Winter.

Im Winter ist is kalt. It is gibt immer viel Schnee. I am the man from Winter Feiert Weihnachten.

Practical exercise

As an exercise, write your associative series for each season, as well as a few sentences for a sample.

In this way, it is very easy to memorize words that have no related meaning.

An example of quick memorization of German words: For example, you need to memorize the following German words: die Zeitung, Speise dies, dammern, der Kellner.

Now let’s try to compose a sentence from these German words: Learn German on WhatsApp it is dammert und Kellner liest eine Zeitung über eine neue Speise.

Do not think about the wording of the phrases in German, Learn German on WhatsApp the main thing is that it has a meaning that you understand. Paradoxically, the weirder the writing, the better the memorization.

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