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Lequel des facteurs suivants which of the following factors increases your risk of developing breast cancer, there is no doubt that breast cancer is a serious disease that threatens the lives of many women, and this serious disease appears for many women at a very early age, and it needs prompt medical intervention to reduce serious complications or The side effects resulting from infection with it, and in the context of talking about breast cancer, the reference site is interested in highlighting any of the following factors that increase your risk of developing breast cancer, while clarifying the methods of treating and eliminating it. 

Lequel des facteurs suivants
Lequel des facteurs suivants

Lequel des facteurs suivants

  • The risk of developing this disease, which affects many women and girls, increases with age.
  • In the case of sternal carcinoma affecting the breast biopsy.
  • When you have severe excess of atypical tissue in the breast area.
  • In the case of previous breast cancer, the disease returns again.
  • In the case of a previous history of disease in the family, most women with this disease did not have any history of breast cancer in the family.
  • The risk of developing this disease increases if a woman in her childhood was exposed to chemical radiation in the chest area for a long period.
  • Being obese and being overweight increases the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • In the case of menstruation at an early age, that is, before the age of twelve.
  • In the event of delayed menopause, many women suffer from menopause even after they reach the age of fifty.
  • Having the first child after the age of thirty, and therefore many specialist doctors advise that the first child be born at a relatively early age.

Factors that reduce the risk of breast cancer

Many factors protect many women from the risk of developing serious and potentially fatal breast cancer, Lequel des facteurs suivants and all of these factors appear in the following:

  • Breastfeeding for a relatively long period.
  • Regular and continuous exercise.
  • Ideal weight and continuous control of the amount of fat in the body.
  • In the event of a final stay away from tobacco smoke.
  • Final avoidance of continuous exposure to chemical radiation.
  • It is necessary to avoid the use of medicines or medical treatments that contain a high percentage of hormones.
  • In the event of final abstinence from alcohol.

Breast cancer symptoms

Many symptoms or signs indicate breast cancer, Lequel des facteurs suivants which requires immediate medical intervention, and all of these symptoms are evident in the following:

  • A certain relatively thick lump in the breast.
  • Notice a certain change in the shape or size of the breast.
  • A clear change in the appearance of the nipple or the shape of the skin that surrounds it.
  • The descent of a large number of secretions from the nipple.
  • The appearance of abnormal redness in the skin of the breast.

Breast cancer complications

Many complications may appear to a woman when she suffers from this disease, Lequel des facteurs suivants which affects many women and girls, and all of these complications are evident in the following:

  • Constant feeling of breast pain, especially phantom ones.
  • Chronic pain in the breast area and under the armpit.
  • Serious axillary web syndrome.
  • Constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Cognitive impairment.
  • A noticeable and clear change in the anatomy of the breast.

Breast cancer treatment methods

There are several treatment methods that can be resorted to get rid of the problem of breast cancer once and for all, and these treatment methods are as follows:

  1. Lumpectomy:  Many doctors resort to removing the lump from the breast.
  2. A simple lump, a total hip, or a partial tumor can be removed.
  3. In this matter, the woman undergoes a major surgery, which is followed by a set of chemotherapy sessions.
  4. Radiation therapy:  Radiation therapy, which is preferred by many doctors, aims to reduce the size of the cancerous tumor inside the breast, Lequel des facteurs suivants as this type of radiation helps to kill the tumor and get rid of it while increasing the revival of healthy cells in the breast.
  5. Chemotherapy:  Chemotherapy is one of the special types of treatments, especially as it targets tumors in the body in general and not just tumors in the breast, as the patient gets a wide range of sessions.
  6. Hormone therapy: Some many medical treatments or medicines contain a high percentage of hormones, through which the cells of the body can be adjusted, as the patient needs to take this type of treatment for a long time.

Thus, Lequel des facteurs suivants at the end of this article, we have explained to you which of the following factors increase your risk of breast cancer, and we have clarified another set of factors that reduce the risk of developing it.

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