My experience with deanxit


My experience with deanxit and its effect on weight is one of the things that people who have been prescribed this drug by their doctor are interested to know since no person on earth does not worry about the side effects of chemical drugs, especially if their main effect is on appearance, so The reference site in this article will explain this medication and show someone’s experience with it.

My experience with deanxit
My experience with deanxit

What is the exit?

This medicine is one of the chemical treatments that are available in pharmacies in the form of tablets, each containing 5. mg of Flupenthixit in addition to 10 mg of Melitracen, and the maximum daily dose of it is 4 tablets, while the minimum dose allowed for this medicine is two and one. In the morning and one in the evening, My experience with deanxit unless it causes insomnia or drowsiness for the person who is taking it, then the doctor determines the correct times for taking it, or he may reduce the dose, and it is possible to find more information and scientifically more accurate about the drug “Dianexit” from here.

Uses of exit drug

Dianaxet is used to treat the following conditions:

  • Depressive states and symptoms indicate a person has psychosis.
  • Control of panic attacks in addition to epileptic seizures.
  • This medicine treats chronic migraine headaches caused by mental illness.
  • Sometimes this medicine is used to treat the symptoms that accompany irritable bowel disease if it is caused by a mental illness.
  • This medicine may be used intermittently to treat stress or anxiety caused by stress.

My experience with deanxit and its effect on weight

In this part of the article, we will present the experience of one of the women with this drug, and she said:

  • Hi, I am now over forty years old, no woman likes to say her real age anyway.
  • I took this drug about 7 years ago, precisely after my mother passed away.
  • Not everyone who reads my experience may have experienced the feeling of loss, especially for a mother, but it is a terrible feeling, to the point that it has caused me severe depression accompanied by mood swings, colon and stomach problems, My experience with deanxit as well as some intermittent headaches.
  • Of course, the doctor prescribed me this medication because it has fewer side effects than other medications, I didn’t actually improve much, and to make matters worse I gained weight.
  • At first, I thought this was normal as I was avoiding going out, but my doctor also noticed it and asked me to do some tests that proved that the relatively long period of use of the drug had caused some of my hormones to be disturbed, which made me gain weight.
  • In fact, I did not stop taking the medicine completely, but with that, the doctor legalized my use of it and prescribed other medicines to support it. The funny thing is that I have discovered that this medicine does not cause men to gain weight except very rarely and at a very slow rate, luck men!!.

Why does deanxit cause weight gain?

This medicine causes an increase in the weight of the woman taking it because of the following things:

  • This drug causes a disorder in the female hormones for women because it increases the rate of estrogen production in the body, My experience with deanxit which increases weight.
  • This drug reduces the rate of burning fat in the body, and since the muscles of a woman are innately weaker than men and their movement is less, this contributes to the lack of fat burning in her body.
  • This drug often causes nausea to the person who takes it, which causes most of the people who take it to not want to eat healthy food and makes them greedy for spicy foods to open their appetite, causing an increase in the percentage of fat in their bodies, and this element is common to both men and women.

When does deanxit expire?

The results of this drug begin to appear on the person who uses it one or two hours after using it, and of course, its effect ends 24 hours after the last time this drug was taken, and since this drug has therapeutic properties not only analgesic, My experience with deanxit it is possible to say that its effect is extended After stopping this medication, the symptoms for which the patient was taking the medication will likely have disappeared in the first place.

Exit side effects

The side effects of this medicine are usually minor and do not exceed the following:

  1. Having a dry mouth problem, My experience with deanxit which means that taking this medicine during Ramadan may have serious effects.
  2. Relatively high heart rate.
  3. Significant weight gain in women.
  4. Decreased appetite, especially healthy food, which may cause anemia.
  5. Inability to sleep normally.
  6. Stomach problems in general, such as constipation, diarrhea, and nausea.
  7. This medicine may cause bone pain, especially joint pain, in the person taking it.

Is exit addictive for people who take it?

Dianaxet is primarily a neurological and psychological drug, so with prolonged use, it can cause the person who takes it to become addicted, so that the body does not produce its own needs to control the psychological and nervous state of the person depending on what this drug provides him with elements, My experience with deanxit so it should not be taken This medicine must be used only under medical supervision, and in addition, the length of its use should not be exceeded.

Contraindications to the use of exit

Dianaxet should not be used in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy may lead to miscarriage as a result of it causing a hormonal disturbance, and it may cause fetal deformation in some other cases.
  • If a woman is breastfeeding a baby, the chemicals in this medicine may pass into breast milk and harm the baby.
  • If the person taking it has a heart condition, this drug may cause an increase in the heart rate.
  • When the person who was prescribed the medication is frequently exposed to episodes of loss of consciousness.
  • Cases of severe depression accompanied by suicidal tendencies.

In this article, we have explained my experience with deanxit and its effect on weight so that everyone who wants to know the experience of others with their weight gain because of this drug can clearly stand on it, My experience with deanxit and we also took into account that all people who want to know more about this drug, its method of use and its nature Even the side effects of using it can easily find the information they want to know.

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