When does Primolut pills start to work


When does Primolut pills start to work? Primolut pills are considered one of the effective treatments that many women and girls resort to downloading the cycle after a short period of taking it, especially as it contains a high percentage of the hormone progesterone that works to regulate the dates of menstrual bleeding, and in the context of Talking about the menstrual cycle, the reference site is interested in answering the question of when the effect of Primolut pills to reduce the cycle begins and is also interested in clarifying the side effects resulting from excessive use.

Primolut pills
When does Primolut pills start to work

When does Primolut pills start to work?

The menstrual cycle occurs after only four days of taking the well-known Primolut pills, which are widespread in many countries of the world, because they contain norethisterone, which is very similar to the hormone progesterone, which is the first and main responsible for the occurrence of menstrual blood, as this substance helps It is effective in regulating the dates of menstrual bleeding and then the final disposal of hormonal disorders, which lead to the delay of this blood in many times, and therefore it is recommended by many specialized doctors to organize the dates of the menstrual cycle, especially for women who suffer from hormonal disorders in the body and are responsible for the menstrual cycle. monthly.

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Indications for use of Primolut pills to reduce the period

Primolut pills are used for many purposes, When does Primolut pills start to work most of which are related to the menstrual cycle, and all of these uses appear in the following:

  • These pills increase the thickness of mucus, which prevents ovulation, and therefore it is a contraceptive method that many women rely on.
  • It works on regulating the hormones in the body that are related to the onset of the menstrual cycle, and then continuing with it eliminates the menstrual disorders that many women and girls suffer from.
  • It can be resorted to relieving severe pain caused by menstruation or if it is retained inside the uterus.
  • It treats endometriosis, which many people suffer from.
  • It addresses the problem of bleeding, When does Primolut pills start to work which may last for several consecutive days due to the presence of serious problems in the uterus or due to vaginal infections that are caused by harmful bacteria.

Contraindications to the use of Primolut pills

Many cases are prohibited from taking Primolut pills in any way or case so that women are not exposed to its dangerous side effects, When does Primolut pills start to work and all of these cases appear in the following:

  • It is forbidden to take or use these pills during pregnancy, especially as they may lead to deformation of the fetus and infection with many serious diseases.
  • Primolut pills are prohibited from breastfeeding women, especially since breastfeeding prevents menstrual bleeding naturally or regularly, and its descent through these pills may expose the nursing woman as well as the fetus to many serious complications.
  • These pills must be avoided, When does Primolut pills start to work especially if the woman has a genetic disease associated with blood clotting, as taking these pills with these diseases endangers the life of that woman or girl.
  • These pills are prohibited for women who suffer from some chronic diseases, especially diabetes because they interact negatively with medicines designated for this chronic disease and thus develop serious diseases or complications.
  • When you have a serious cancerous tumor that causes a clear and noticeable disturbance in the body’s hormones, especially those responsible for menstrual bleeding.
  • In the event of serious liver diseases, which vary between liver dysfunction and the inability to carry out the vital functions that the body needs on an ongoing basis, and liver cancer that is difficult to treat or even control.
  • These pills are prohibited for women who suffer from severe high blood pressure or when suffering from migraine headaches, especially as they may lead to vaginal bleeding that lasts for several days in a row.

Side effects of using Primolut pills

Many side effects may result from using these pills for a long period, When does Primolut pills start to work and all of these side effects appear in the following:

  • Constant feeling of nausea.
  • Dizziness and dizziness may persist for a long period.
  • Rashes or skin infections that need medical intervention.
  • Constant feeling of a headache.
  • Blurred vision and double vision.
  • Noticeable swelling in the breasts as a result of hormonal disturbances in the body.
  • Weight gain and obesity in a short period.
  • Severe disruption in the dates of menstruation.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders and then annoying flatulence.
  • Excessive hair loss with baldness.

The exact dose of Primolut

Women need to adhere to the specified dose of Primolut pills, When does Primolut pills start to work so as not to negatively affect them and be exposed to many serious complications, and this dose appears as follows:

  1. A woman who suffers from a delayed period needs to take one pill a day starting from the date of this bleeding and continue it until the next menstrual period.
  2. A woman who wants to stop menstruating suddenly needs to take three pills, at least four days before her period.
  3. A woman who suffers from heavy vaginal bleeding needs to take three pills during the day at various intervals and continue on them for a long period until the bleeding ends.

My experience with Primolut pills to download the cycle

Many women have been interested in using Primolut pills to reduce their menstrual cycle, When does Primolut pills start to work and the opinions of all of these women appeared in the following:

  • A 23-year-old girl who was suffering from irregular menstruation confirmed that her doctor advised her to take these pills, and after she continued on them for a while, When does Primolut pills start to work she got rid of these disorders permanently.
  • Another 35-year-old woman who had severe pain during her period mentioned that these pills helped her get rid of this severe pain.

Tips when using Primolut pills

There are many tips that a woman or girl needs to adhere to to prevent side effects that may be caused by Primolut pills, and these tips appear When does Primolut pills start to work as follows:

  • Many specialist doctors emphasize that these pills should not be taken in the first months of pregnancy, especially as they prevent the process of embryo implantation in the uterus, and may lead to serious congenital malformations of the fetus.
  • Primolut pills do not affect pregnancy in the long term, When does Primolut pills start to work so girls can take them to regulate the hormones of the body for the menstrual cycle.
  • It is necessary to consult the attending physician before taking these pills and after conducting a set of medical tests so as not to give these pills to cases that do not suit them.
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