Marbalin cream to solve skin problems


Marbalin cream to solve skin problems. Adapalene belongs to the category of retinoids, and it works to reduce swelling and inflammation, and is used in cases of acne, pimples, blackheads, and other oily skin problems.

Marbalin cream to solve skin problems

Adapalene cream is less drying, less irritating to the skin, and less absorbent than a gel. Advantages of a gel over a cream is that it absorbs better, but is more painful.

Adapalene spot cream

Because adapalene helps to regenerate cells and reduces the possibility of cell growth that may close its pores, and because it is a derivative of vitamin A, it works to open closed pores and one of the types of sweat glands in the skin, causing their closure in the appearance of pimples and blackheads in the skin.

Marbalin cream to solve skin problems
Marbalin cream to solve skin problems

Adapalene pore gel

Marbalin cream works to solve skin problems by opening the closed pores in the skin that cause the appearance of blackheads and spots, so that the skin becomes oily, and the results usually appear within months.

Adapalene peeling gel

Adapalene removes blackheads, pimples, pimples and pigmentation through interactions in the cell, by accelerating cell formation and preventing the appearance of all these spots. Adapalene peels the face from all these signs, in this case it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream with it.

Marbalin cream to solve skin problems for pregnant women

Some experts advise to stop using it during pregnancy and others to stop using it during the first trimester (first trimester).

It is recommended during pregnancy to postpone the treatment of acne pills; Whether with pills or creams, especially during the first trimester.

Adapalene is considered safe for pregnant women of the third degree, meaning that it was tested on animals and found to be toxic, but it was not tested on humans. Therefore, the doctor prescribes it for the pregnant woman if the positives outweigh the negatives.

Marbalin cream to solve skin problems for melasma

The main component of adapalene is adapalene, which is one of the derivatives of the retinoid (English: Retinoid), and its functions are that it controls cell renewal, divisions and branching, and the rapid disposal of pigments. It also inhibits the action of the enzyme responsible for the formation of melanin pigments that increase the darkening of the skin. The skin pigmentation and increase the cost.

Adapalene is used to remove melasma, and it is placed on the areas where melasma appears after cleaning and drying the face. It is also preferable to apply it at night.

It is recommended to apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun and not to be exposed to light if used during the day.

Adapalene subcutaneous acne cream

The layers of the skin contain glands and pores. When cells die, they collect in these glands to form a suitable environment for bacteria to grow.

Marbalin cream to solve skin problems for black heads

The 3% concentration is the one that is recommended, as it exfoliates the skin and thus the blackheads that have accumulated in the form of layers become easier to remove and get rid of. It is preferable to use lotion before applying adapalene.

Adapalene cream for acne

The cell cycle lasts 21 days; After 21 days the cell dies, it is discarded and a new cell replaces it. When the cell cycle is disrupted and dead cells accumulate, the pores in the skin and in the glands are closed, creating a suitable environment for bacteria growth, causing inflammation that ends with the formation of grains and white heads that oxidize to become black heads.

Marbalin cream to solve skin problems stimulates the genes responsible for cell death and formation, which stimulates other genes that help complete cell growth to complete its cycle naturally for a period of 21 days. However, adapalene alone is not sufficient to treat acne and blackheads, so antibiotics must be taken in addition to adapalene.

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