The fastest way to treat shingles


The fastest way to treat shingles, What are the complications of shingles? Because the belt of fire may appear on visible parts of the body, causing embarrassment to the patient, and most of the time it causes the patient pain and discomfort that hinders him from performing his normal daily tasks, the reference site in this article will explain what is the fastest way to treat it, and the most prominent symptoms of the belt fiery.

The fastest way to treat shingles
The fastest way to treat shingles

What is a belt of fire?

Shingle is a viral infection called the virus that causes “Varicella-zoster Virus”, which is the virus that also causes smallpox, and shingles cause a person to feel pain in the area affected by the rash and in all places responsible for important vital processes in the body such as the head and chest Which makes most of those infected with this disease want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Symptoms of shingles

Symptoms of shingles are as follows:

  • Feeling of burning in the affected areas of the skin.
  • Blisters on the skin that are filled with fluid.
  • Headache with trouble breathing.
  • The temperature has risen by about half a degree.
  • Redness of the affected area of ​​the skin.
  • Unexplained loss of energy.

The fastest way to treat shingles

Many people want to know the fastest way to treat the problem of shingles, and the fact is that there is not only one quick method, but many quick methods that pay off in the end, and since some people trust pharmaceutical preparations while others prefer using herbal products and natural mixtures, they will We describe each of these methods separately:

Treatment of shingles with medication

The quickest way to treat shingles with medication is as follows:

  1. Take antivirals such as valacyclovir.
  2. Make sure to take strong pain relievers such as ibuprofen every 8 hours to relieve the pain caused by symptoms.

Treating shingles with plants

The problem of shingles can be treated with herbs by chopping 5 grains of garlic and then placing them on the affected area for half an hour a day, The fastest way to treat shingles then washing this area and drying it well. This disease.

Home remedies for shingles

The fastest way to treat shingles with a home starch recipe as follows:

  • At first, 3 tablespoons of starch is mixed with a quarter cup of water.
  • The paste is applied to the affected area.
  • Leave the paste for a quarter of an hour on the place of injury and then wash it.

Herbal treatment of shingles

Shingles can be treated with herbs by boiling some green tea and then wiping the affected area with a piece of cotton moistened with water in which the tea has been boiled, The fastest way to treat shingles in addition to Because drinking green tea often helps speed up recovery from this disease because green tea contains antivirals that support the human immune system.

What are the complications of shingles?

Usually, the complications of shingles are the following:

  • Inability to taste food.
  • Impairment of hearing or vision.
  • Convulsions are caused by the virus attacking the nerves.

Foods prohibited for patients with shingles

Patients with shingles should abstain from foods that consume the body’s energy while being limited in nutrition. Examples of these foods include the following:

  • Carbohydrates are like pasta.
  • dark chocolate;
  • Sweets of all kinds.
  • Foods that contain a large number of hydrogenated oils.

Foods to eat during shingles

Patients with shingles should eat the following foods:

  • Orange and lemon.
  • Vegetables of all kinds.
  • boiled poultry;
  • boiled meat;
  • eggs.
  • Dairy products.

Do moisturizing creams treat shingles?

Moisturizig creams have nothing to do with the treatment of shingles, as shingles is a viral infection, not just a casual skin problem that can be treated by taking care of the skin, The fastest way to treat shingles but with that, moisturizers play an important role in removing the effects that are on the skin due to the grains that result from shingles, This means that it is recommended to use these moisturizing creams during illness.

Are shingles contagious?

The incidence of infection from shingles is very small, but it may nevertheless be contagious in the following cases:

  • Shingles can infect people who did not get the smallpox vaccine as a child.
  • Shingles may cause infection in people with weak acquired immunity, since their immunity is unable to control any type of infection, no matter how small.

Why does the belt of fire accompany the infection of people with corona?

The Coronavirus attacks the person’s immune system and then weakens it, allowing other viral infections to thrive in the body, no matter how weak they are. This is the reason for the emergence of the Fire Ring as a companion to the Coronavirus.

Tips for The fastest way to treat shingles

The fastest way to treat shingles can be helped by applying the following tips:

  1. Put cold compresses on the affected area to reduce the pain and heat caused by the injury.
  2. Apply moisturizing oils, creams, and natural gels to the skin to moisturize and relieve pain.
  3. Cover the affected area with bandages to help keep the affected area away from itching to avoid making its condition worse.
  4. Avoid using creams that contain perfume; Because it may irritate the skin and make its condition worse.

Guidelines to reduce the spread of the fire belt

Following the following instructions will limit the spread of infection to the rest of the body, and these instructions are:

  • The affected area of ​​the body should be dried with a different towel, The fastest way to treat shingles or the part where the affected area was dried should not be touching the rest of the body.
  • Avoid using personal items twice in a row without having been washed.
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