My experience with Daflon pills


My experience with Daflon pills is one of the most successful experiences since these pills helped to obtain quick and positive results without experiencing any problems or damage, as it was proven that Daflon pills are natural and safe to a large extent, and through the reference site, we will highlight these pills and mentioned It may contain all the benefits or even side effects.

My experience with Daflon pills
My experience with Daflon pills

My experience with Daflon pills

I suffered from the problem of heavy menstrual bleeding for a longer period than normal, and I tried to treat it by natural methods by taking some herbs, but this matter did not bear the desired results, which prompted me to visit the doctor to examine me to identify and treat the main problem The doctor recommended that I use Daflon pills to reduce bleeding, and I started using them on the same day.

Through my experience with Daflon pills to stop menstruation, I noticed that the bleeding decreased significantly within two days until it stopped completely within 5 days, and the doctor told me that these pills are also suitable to stop the bleeding that may occur after childbirth, as it does not pose any dangers to Breast-feeding because it does not cause any change in the taste or color of breast milk.

My experience with Daflon pills for pregnant women

It is worth noting that Daflon pills are used to reduce bleeding during pregnancy, and among the experiments on this case are the following:

The first experiment

A woman says, through her experience with these pills, that she was suffering from heavy bleeding in the first period of pregnancy, which made her very worried about her fetus, and for this, she went to the specialist doctor to help her stop this bleeding and he prescribed Daflon 500 pills to her. The woman started using these pills already This helped her stimulate blood vessels, stop bleeding permanently, and maintain the general health of the fetus.

Second experience

As for this experience, it is for a woman who was threatened with a warning miscarriage, because she found in her underwear some drops of blood and she was in the fourth month of pregnancy, which made her panic and made her rush to the doctor, and the doctor, in turn, prescribed her Daflon pills, which was able to eliminate the problem In just 7 days, the woman completed her pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby, thanks to God.

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Daflon pills to stop menstruation

Daflon pills are considered one of the best pills suitable for the menstrual cycle, My experience with Daflon pills and among the various information about these pills are the following:

  • It helps to stop the bleeding that occurs on the days of the menstrual cycle, especially if it is more than normal.
  • These pills are used at a rate of two or three times per day, especially after eating the main meals.
  • It is recommended to take these pills if the menstrual cycle exceeds seven days, which is the maximum limit for menstruation.

Reasons for using Daflon pills

These pills contain a group of important elements that help treat blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation, and this is what I found when I went through my experience with Daflon pills to stop menstruation. Among the multiple uses of these pills are the following:

  1. Contribute to stopping the bleeding that occurs during the menstrual cycle in some women.
  2. Contribute to the treatment of varicose veins that appear in the legs.
  3. Contributing to the treatment of hemorrhoids and alleviating their annoying pain.
  4. Work on the treatment of infections of the reproductive system of women and men.
  5. Contribute to the treatment of problems of weak blood vessels.

Does Daflon cause a delay in menstruation?

My experience with Daflon pills is a group of women who believe that taking these pills results in a change in the dates of menstruation or even delaying them from their known date, but this belief is incorrect because Daflon pills only work to stop the bleeding and do not cause any defect in the date of the menstrual cycle, but it You may arrange dates.

When does Daflon take effect?

The effect of Daflon pills appears directly after taking it, as the amount of bleeding decreases significantly until the bleeding stops completely, and it is recommended to continue on these pills for three consecutive days so that the body can respond more to the active substance present in these pills, and it is also advised to consult a doctor Before taking these pills because he can determine the appropriate dose for each patient according to his health condition, and moreover, these pills are very safe and do not pose any serious harm.

Daflon pills price to stop the cycle

Daflon pills are available in most pharmacies, My experience with Daflon pills especially major ones, and they are not sold to the patient except through a medical examination card. The price of the package containing 30 capsules was estimated at only 29 Saudi riyals, which means that it is within the reach of almost all citizens.

The effect of Daflon pills on breastfeeding and pregnant women

It is very important to mention that Daflon pills are one of the safest pills that do not pose any dangers to either pregnant or breastfeeding women, but it is recommended to consult a doctor first to determine the appropriate dose for each woman so as not to cause any complications, especially if she is taking any type of medication The other is during the period in which you will have to take Daflon, and you must tell the doctor if the woman suffers from any diseases or is taking any medications on an ongoing basis.

Does Daflon affect ovulation?

Daflon pills do not affect the hormones at all and therefore do not affect ovulation, as it is a complex of natural herbs and is highly safe for the general health of women, and this is what I noticed through my experience with Daflon pills to stop menstruation, it does not leave an effect only on menstrual bleeding And contribute to stopping it quickly.

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How to store and store Daflon pills

It is necessary to know the correct method when storing Daflon pills so as not to be damaged, and this method is as follows:

  • These pills should be kept away from heat or light.
  • Keep the pills in a cool dry place, i.e. it is preferable to put them in the refrigerator.
  • When you finish using these pills, it is preferable to dispose of them properly and not throw them in the toilet.

Daflon side effects

Some minor damages may appear to a woman after taking these pills, and these damages may not appear to everyone, My experience with Daflon pills and I noticed this through my experience with Daflon pills to stop menstruation, and these damages are as follows:

  • Feeling some minor pain in the stomach and this symptom is very uncommon.
  • The sensation of dizziness is accompanied by a feeling of severe pain in the head.
  • Diarrhea is rare.
  • The appearance of some redness in different areas of the skin.
  • Vomiting or nausea is a rare symptom.

Thus, My experience with Daflon pills has been presented to stop menstruation completely, to know when the effect of Daflon pills appears, to know the price of the pills and the proper way to store them, as well as to identify the reasons for use and their impact on ovulation and on the pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

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