My experience with fibromyalgia


My experience with fibromyalgia is one of the most important experiences that should be asked for everyone to benefit from, especially if they feel the same symptoms that I was suffering from. Reference will highlight this matter in detail. 

My experience with fibromyalgia
My experience with fibromyalgia

My experience with fibromyalgia

I had a bad experience with this disease, as I was exposed to a bad psychological state due to special family problems, which made me feel severe pain in different parts of the body, as these pains were not permanent, sometimes appearing and sometimes disappearing, and with time the pain increased a lot and I could no longer bear it. I am no longer able to perform daily tasks normally.

The pain developed until it began to affect the heart muscles, which prompted me to visit the doctor to check on the condition, which was ambiguous. The doctor conducted some tests and regular television rays for me, but he did not find anything clear. After a lot of research by the doctor, he concluded that this case is fibromyalgia syndrome. The reason is the poor psychological state, and the doctor told me that the treatment of this condition depends to a large extent on the improvement of the psychological state.

Cases cured of fibromyalgia

Although this disease is difficult to treat because the true cause of infection is not known, some cases have been cured, My experience with fibromyalgia and reading about such cases increases the patient’s hope, as there is an Egyptian person who was cured of this disease by a Spanish doctor Well known, the patient was at the time forty-three years old.

Where the doctor was able to identify the places of a defect in the body and then use the anesthesia needles and inject them in the places of the defect properly, to compensate for this defect because it activates the damaged cells in the body, and it took the patient for up to three weeks to feel better.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia attacks

Through my experience with fibromyalgia, I found that several symptoms indicate the attacks of this disease, which are as follows:

  1. Feeling of diffuse pain in different parts of the body, especially when waking up.
  2. Feeling of pain in the fibrous tissues and muscles of the face.
  3. Constant feeling of a headache.
  4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  5. Sensitivity to heat or cold.
  6. Constant suffering from fatigue on both sides of the waist, above the waist, above the shoulders, above the chest, and behind the neck.
  7. Feeling of stiffness and severe pain in the jaw area.
  8. Feeling of stiffness in the joints or muscles, especially in the morning.
  9. Sleep disturbance and insomnia.
  10. Inability to focus or remember, which is what is known as fibro fog.

Causes of fibromyalgia syndrome

Several causes lead to fibromyalgia syndrome or the so-called fibromyalgia, My experience with fibromyalgia and among these causes are the following:

  • Genetic factors play a role in susceptibility to this syndrome.
  • The person has undergone some surgeries, especially during the birth process.
  • Going through severe psychological crises, especially when losing a loved one.
  • Having any contagious disease, especially influenza.

How is fibromyalgia diagnosed?

There are two ways by which this disease is easily diagnosed, and they are as follows:

Blood tests

They are more than a blood test, which is very similar to a comprehensive blood test, in which an examination is done to identify the performance of the thyroid gland and an examination to test the erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Appropriate decision and firm steps towards treatment.

Examination of pain trigger points

Where the attending physician performs this examination by pressing on the pain points in the body, which numbered 18 areas, through which it is determined whether the person has this syndrome or not, and the doctor must be careful observation so that he can identify and distinguish this disease about others.

Definitive treatment of fibromyalgia

There are specific stages for definitive treatment of fibromyalgia, My experience with fibromyalgia and the treatment methods are as follows:

Home treatment for fibromyalgia attacks

Through my experience with fibromyalgia, I came up with healthy patterns that must be adhered to get rid of this disease at home, and among these patterns are the following:

  • Maintain light exercises such as swimming or walking.
  • Do yoga or meditate.
  • Giving the body some rest.
  • Determine the appropriate amount of caffeine per day and follow a healthy diet.
  • Adjust sleep schedules to set a time for rest, taking care to improve the quality of sleep.
  • Reducing feelings of anxiety or stress.

Drug treatment for fibromyalgia syndrome

There are a group of medicines that improve the patient’s condition by relieving the pain he feels and helping him to sleep better, and among these medicines are the following:

  • Medicines intended for patients with epilepsy, such as the drug Gabapentin.
  • Medicines for depression, such as duloxetine.
  • And medicines intended for pain relief, such as acetaminophen.

People most at risk of developing fibromyalgia

Through my experience with fibromyalgia, I found that anyone can get this disease, he does not mean a specific group, but the common pattern of infection is as follows:

  • Women are the most vulnerable group to infection with this disease, as the incidence of women ranges between 70% and 80%.
  • People with arthritis, lupus, and rheumatic diseases.
  • People who do not exercise or who are obese.

Tips to prevent fibromyalgia

After my experience with fibromyalgia, My experience with fibromyalgia I learned a set of tips to prevent infection with this disease, and these tips are as follows:

  • Make sure to do a variety of exercises regularly.
  • Maintain an ideal and healthy weight.
  • Treat the problem of arthritis right from the start.
  • Reducing the incidence of depression is when you increase the control of emotions.
  • Stay away from the causes of stress or anxiety.

Thus, My experience with fibromyalgia has been presented in preference, and to learn about the symptoms of attacks of this syndrome, the causes of exposure to it, and how to treat it at home or by relying on medications designated for this type of disease, as well as learning tips to prevent fibromyalgia.


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